It is not Grendel’s Fault!!!!

In the begining of “Beowulf” the character Grendel has a legitimate reason to get mad and kill people, he is the victim not the subject. He is down in his little happy place just sleeping away and then these loud people above are making all this noise and woke him up.

In the quote , ” In the darkeness, growled in pain, impatient as day after day the music rang lout in the hall, the harp’s rejoicing call and the poet’s clear songs, sung of the ancient begiinnings of us all, ” ( Raffel 39) it states that Grendel was in pain with all of the music playing. The music not only woke him up all the time but it always physically hurt him.

All this noise also scared off all of the food that was in the marshes. “Grendel, who haunted the moors, the wild marshes, and made his home in a hell not hell but earth,” (Raffel 39)this proves that Grendel lived in the marshes, the creepy part of earth. The marshes contained his food, when that food is all gone because of this noise then he has to eat something right?? AKA humans. The cause of all problems.See full size image(Tango Pango)  (Liquidnight)

Pango, Tango. I’m A What? A Male Bohar Reedbuck, Of Course!. 1. Redbuck , unknown. Fotopedia. Web. 19 Oct. 2011.


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